The strength of the relationships formed at SUISS can last a lifetime. Stay connected through our active and vibrant alumni community.

Where Are They Now?

Over the past five years, SUISS has seen students from over 45 different countries attend our courses in British and Irish Literature and Creative Writing. Some have travelled from neighbouring cities, while others have crossed the globe to spend their summers in Edinburgh.

Calling all SUISSers… place yourself on the Alumni Map of the World by posting a special memory from your time in Edinburgh. The form only takes a couple minutes. Click here!

Stay Connected!

Social networks are a great way to keep in touch. Join our Facebook Page, or follow us on @SUISS_EDI on Twitter. You can also check out work by former students and see who’s in the Alumni News pages.

Contacting Friends

If you forgot to swap numbers with friends before you left and now wish you had, or if the years have passed and you feel like renewing old acquaintances, we can help. Email for further details.

Getting Involved

There are many ways Alumni can get involved- from becoming a Student Host to sponsoring author readings, educational outings, festival visits and scholarships or by telling us what you are up to now on our Alumni Map of the World, or sending us a Spotlight Article. We would love to hear from you!