Fees & Accommodation

Information regarding Covid-19, including safety procedures during the course and within student accommodation can be found at the following link.

Course Fees

The course fee includes all lectures, seminars, masterclasses, full lending rights at the University of Edinburgh’s library, lunch on the weekdays, as well as an extensive social and cultural programme.

Text & Context Course Fees:
  1 module (2-wk) 2 modules (4-wk) 3 modules (6-wk)
Course fee£ 985£ 1,761£ 2,616
Credit fee£ 80 £ 110£ 140

Creative Writing Course Fees:
 Creative Writing (4-wk)Creative Writing +
Scottish Lit (6-wk)
Creative Writing +
Theatre & Perf. (6-wk)
Course fees£ 1,981£ 2,656 £2,992
Credit fees£ 80£ 110£110

Theatre and Performance Course Fees:
 Theatre & Performance (2-wk)Contemporary Lit +
Theatre & Perf. (4-wk)
+ Cont Lit +
Theatre & Perf. (6-wk)
Course fees£1,357£2,095£2,804
Credit fees£80£110£140

Online Course Fees

Text & Context1 module (2-wk)2 modules (4-wk)3 modules (6-wk)
Course Fees£695£1,233£1,831
Credit Fees£80£110£140
 Creative Writing (4-wk)Creative Writing +
Scottish Lit (6-wk)
Creative Writing +
Theatre & Perf. (6-wk)
Course Fees£1,386£1,859£2,094
Credit Fees£80£110£110
 Theatre & Performance (2-wk)Contemporary Lit +
Theatre & Perf. (4-wk)
+ Cont Lit +
Theatre & Perf. (6-wk)
Course Fees£950£1,466£1,963
Credit Fees£80£110£140

*For those opting for online courses, we will also offer a returning students discount of 50% off the course fee for future in-person attendance once it is safer and easier to do so.

**Except for teachers applying through the English-Speaking Union (ESU), the fees for students from the USA are determined by the relevant agent. These include tuition, meals, accommodation and supplemental services.

Accommodation Fees

Students stay at the Pollock Halls of Residence, The University of Edinburgh’s student accommodation, which is situated adjacent to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano. Pollock Halls is within walking distance of the city centre and the University buildings at George Square.

Facilities include:

  • single study rooms
  • optional 3* en-suite
  • free internet access
  • a computer lab, a shop, a bar and an ATM
  • Breakfast and dinner at the Pollock Halls cafeteria
Catered Accommodation Fees Per Length of Study
 2 weeks4 weeks6 weeks
Study Room
£648 £1,404£2,160
3* Ensuite
Study Room
Self-catered Accommodation Fees Per Length of Study

Facilities include:

  • Self-catered property (approximately 5 rooms per flat)
  • Common room
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shared kitchen facilities
  • Coin-operated laundry
  • Cycle storage
  • Internet
  • Breakfast and dinner not included
 2 Weeks4 Weeks6 Weeks
Self-Catered Shared Flat£370£730£1,110

Please note:

Students may choose to take the course as non-residential students. However, we ask that you supply an Edinburgh address to us in case of an emergency.

Additional nights, either several nights before or after your course dates, can be booked through the SUISS Administrator at a special rate. For those needing to quarantine on arrival, we can offer a special reduced accommodation rate for 14 days prior to the start of the course (packed meals provided).

Additional Information

Students and staff stay in single rooms in University accommodation at Pollock Halls, near the scenic Holyrood Park and within easy walking distance of the city centre and main campus. A modern complex of student residences, the halls contain a computer lab, refectory, restaurant, a shop and bars.

Students can book either standard, en-suite or self-catered accommodation. Internet access is available in the bedrooms at Pollock Halls, as well as Edinburgh University’s Main Library. Teaching takes place at George Square, which is a convenient 15 minute walk from the halls of residence.

Cancellations (we will not be operating a cancellation policy for 2021)

After 1 June 2021, cancellations will incur a penalty of 50% of the course and accommodation cost.

After 21 June 2021, two weeks before the start of SUISS, cancellations will incur a penalty of the full course and accommodation cost.

Travel and Insurance

Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Edinburgh. We strongly recommend applying for comprehensive insurance to cover travel, health, belongings, and cancellation/curtailment costs.


Pollock Halls Pollock Halls Cafeteria