SUISS is hiring new tutors for 2016

SUISS is seeking to appoint experienced and dynamic tutors for all three of our courses in 2016: Text & Context, Creative Writing, and Theatre & Performance.

Text & Context tutors must be postgraduate students or postdoctoral tutors/researchers from one of our 7 affiliated universities.

Creative Writing and Theatre & Performance tutors do not necessarily have to come from our affiliated universities, but should be UK-based.

To inquire and/or apply, please see the details of the job postings here:

Text & Context: British and Irish Literature from 1900 to the present

*Please note, for Text & Context, our tutors only teach a single two-week module, from either Modernism, Scottish Literature, or Contemporary Literature. We do not hire tutors to the full six-week course.

Creative Writing

Contemporary British and Irish Theatre and Performance


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